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Pets, Parks and Public Safety

We are celebrating our first ever education event: Pets, Parks, and Public Safety!

We had great weather and a nice turnout. Everyone learned a little something new, and the dogs that came with their responsible owners were all so well behaved!

Congrats to everyone who joined in the evening. You’ve helped improve our community by learning more about safely and respectfully sharing public areas with companion animals.

And gratitude also goes to our City of Dubuque Parks and Recreation Department for helping coordinate the event. To 365Inc Magazine for the story about Aware Pet Owner, we appreciate it! To the volunteers that helped get the word out about our event and those that assisted during the presentation, thank you! To Dzine Wise and Digital Designs, you both went above and beyond in getting our new banner ready in time for the event.

Hope everyone had fun…especially with our Pick up the Poop contest!!

(don’t panic, we use marshmallows!) 😉

If you missed us, be sure to join the Be AWARE crew at Comiskey Park in Dubuque, Iowa on July 7th, 2021 at 6:00 PM.

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